Meadow Mera K (Dry Lands)

Seed mixture proportions and qualities of the species to be used in establishment of a meadow under DRY CONDITIONS have been listed below.

Lolium perenne    15
Festuca arundinacea    15
Trifolium repens         10
Dactylis glomerata        20    
Agropyron cristatum    20
Bromus inermis    20

Lolium perenne : It is a species that yield abundantly, tolerates rast disease, easily conforms with different climate.    
Agropyron cristatum : It is a meadow plant that yields abundant grass during the early spring, tolerates draught and cold, lasts many years and lives long.    
Festuca arundinacea : It’s a species that develops strongly during early spring, it is very appropriate for meadows that are going to be used for long time, shows high resistance against draught, has high rate of dry matter, extensive resistance to disease.   
Dactylis glomerata : It is a species that is suitable for growing in dry lands, high productivity time is summer, its performs well even under poor nursing conditions.  
Trifolium repens : It is rich in protein and due to its mineral content it is enjoyed by animals, it also nurtures other plants by releasing nitrogen into the soil. 
Bromus inermis : It’s a feed/forage plant that lives long, it has high quality grass.  It tolerates grazing and being crushed.

  • It tolerates thirst. 
  • Very suitable for grazing
  • Depth of planting 1.5-2 cm
  • Amount of planting 5-6 Kg/Da
  • Ground fertilizer to be used during planting 15*15*15 NPK   25-30 Kg/Da