Meadow Mera S (Wet Lands)

Seed mixture proportions and qualities of the species to be used in establishment of a meadow under WET CONDITIONS have been listed below.
Lolium perenne         50
Trifolium pratense         10
Phleum pratense         20
Festuca pratensis    20

Lolium perenne : It is a species that yield abundantly, tolerates rast disease, easily conforms with different climate.
Trifolium pratense : It is rich in protein and due to its mineral content it is enjoyed by animals, it also nurtures other plants by releasing nitrogen into the soil. 
Phleum pratense : It has high tolerance to winter and it is a well liked forage.   
Festuca pratensis : It has a very high resistance to winter and very productive in summer and it is a well liked forage.

  • High feed value 
  • Absolutely suitable for grazing
  • Depth of Planting 1.5-2 cm
  • Amount of Planting 5-6 Kg/Da
  • Ground fertilizer to be used during planting 15*15*15  NPK  25-30 Kg/Da