Vicia pannonica (Hungarian Vetch)

  • It is a type of vetch that tolerates cold and draught. 
  • It is one of the legume forage plants that that tolerates Middle Anatolia weather and winter conditions.  
  • Due to the reason that it half tilts, it can be planted with mixture of barley and oat as well as on its own.  
  • It is one of the vetch species that needs to be considered especially for our infertile plantations and regions.
  • Hungarian vetch can be planted similar to other vetch species.  
  • The space between each row planted must be 15 to 20 cm for production of grass and 30 to 40 cm for receiving its seeds.  
  • Plantation rate changes between 7 to 10 kg.  If it is being planted together with grains; it is necessary to mix 4 to 5 kg of barley or oat with 5 to 6 kg of Hungarian vetch.  
  • The most suitable time for harvesting grass is in the phase that they begin bearing fruit and their fruits begin shaping.   
  • Amount of crop changes between 150-200 kganddecare in the infertile areas.